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Monday, November 22, 2010

This tut was written in PSP X3 but can be done in other versions with minor modifications.
I used the wonderful art of Delphine Demers. You must have a license to use her work.


Template 24 from Missy over at Divine Intentionz
4 tubes of choice - 1 main tube and 3 secondary
Xenofex 2
Font of choice, I used Wedding Script
Animation Shop

Open template and tubes in psp. Shift D on all to make duplicates and close originals.

Activate the top layer on your template and delete. Activate the rectangle layer, using your magic wand, click on the rectangle, flood fill with a medium color from your main tube. Deselect.

Activate square 1 in the layer palette. Click on the top square with your magic wand and flood fill with a darker color from your tube. Make sure you're only selecting the border of the small square. Deselect. Repeat with the other 2 squares till it looks like this.

Activate your doodle2 layer, merge down so the doodle is all one layer. Select all, Float, Defloat. Flood fill all parts of the doodle with a light color from your tube. Deselect. Your template should now look like this.

Activate square 1 in your layer palette and click inside the top square with your magic wand. Selections, Modify, Expand by 3. Copy one of your 3 secondary tubes and paste as a new layer. Move it to where the face is inside the square, resize all layers unchecked if needed. Invert selection and press delete on your keyboard. Deselect and move this layer below the square 1 layer. Give the tube a slight drop shadow.

Activate square 2 and repeat the same process you did in the last step. Repeat again with the 3rd square so when you're done it looks like this.

Your layer palette should look like this from the top down.

Activate the doodle layer and duplicate it twice for a total of 3 layers, rename them as such.

Activate the doodle 1 layer. Apply a slight drop shadow. Be sure you check the box to put the shadow on a new layer or it'll mess up the animation.

With your doodle 1 layer active, Select all, Float, Defloat and go to your Xenofex 2 plugin and click on Constellation. Use the settings below. Do not deselect.

Activate doodle 2 layer. Apply the Constellation filter again but click the random seed button once before you apply. 

Repeat with the 3rd doodle layer, remembering to click the random seed button before you apply the filter. Deselect. 

Activate the top layer in your palette. Copy your main tube and paste as a new layer, move it into position where you like it. Give it a darker drop shadow, 1, 1, 60, 5, make sure you uncheck the box to put the shadow on a new layer.

Add your copyright and watermark. Click on your text tool. I used Wedding Script, size 120. Foreground and background colors from your main tube. After you have it how you like it, apply and go to Image, Free Rotate, and rotate it 90 degrees to the left. All layers unchecked. Move it into position along the side of your tag.

Go to Effects, Inner Bevel and use these settings.

Give it the same drop shadow as you did your main tube.

Time to animate. Hide the doodle 2 and 3 layers in your layer palette, ctrl shift C to copy merged. Go to AS and ctrl V to paste as a new layer. Go back to psp, hide the doodle 1 layer and unhide doodle 2. Copy merged and press ctrl shift L to paste after current frame. Go back to psp, hide doodle 2 and unhide doodle 3. Copy merged and paste after the 2nd frame.

Shift S to resize 80%. F12 to save your tag and congrats, you're done!

©2010 Queina. All rights reserved. Any simularities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental and is not done intentionally.


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