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Monday, November 22, 2010

This tut was written in PSP X3 but can be done in other versions too. I used the artwork of Keith Garvey. You must have a license to use his work.

Pink Ice scrap kit by Vicki. Available at the Creative Misfits blog here.
Nice fat font. I used A&S Puff Daddy.
2nd font. I used A&S Black Swan.
Sitting or laying tube of choice.
Super Blade Pro and Coconut Ice preset.
Eye Candy 4000

Open a new workspace 600 x 600. Flood fill white.

Select your text tool and your fat font. Foreground a dark color from your tube, I used #af5771, background null, create as vector. Size for this font is 125, it might be different if you use a different font. Click on your canvas and type your name or word of choice in all caps. I'm using a Garv tube so I typed out the word Garvey. Objects, Align, Center in canvas. Grab the bottom node and drag your word so it's a big higher. Convert to raster. Name this layer outline.

Click on your magic wand and click inside each letter of your word/name. Selections, Modify, Expand by 1. Add a new raster layer. Keep selected.

Open a paper from your scrap kit. I used paper 5. Click on your flood fill tool. Then click on the foreground of your materials palette and go to the pattern tab and find your paper you just opened. Angle 0, Scale 100. Fill each letter with your paper. Keep selected still.

Go to effects, Plugins, Flaming Pear, Super Blade Pro and apply the Coconut Ice preset. Deselect. Move this layer below your outline layer. Activate the outline layer and merge down 1 time.

Open one of your wordart elements from you scrap kit. I used Winter Wishes. Copy and paste as a new layer on your canvas. Resize 70%, bicubic, all layers unchecked.

Effects, Plugins, Eye Candy 4000. Apply the Gradient Glow with the following settings and the color white.

If you don't have Eye Candy 4000, you can use a gradient glow from another Eye Candy with slightly different settings.

Open the two snowflake ornaments in your kit. Copy and paste the silver one onto your canvas. Resize 25%, move it over so it's hanging from one of the W's. Repeat with the pink snowflake and the other W.

Give the 2 snowflayers and your large word layer that you made a drop shadow. 1, 1, 50, 4.

Open your tube. Copy and paste onto your canvas and arrange her so she appears to be sitting or laying on your text. Give her a darker drop shadow: -2, 2, 70, 8.

If you didn't use your name before follow this step, otherwise skip it. Add a new raster layer. Select your text tool again and choose your 2nd font. Use the same foreground color you used before and pick a lighter background color, I used #f0a0c5. This time we're going to create as floating. The size I used with my font is 90. Add your name, do not deselect. Add the same SBP preset as you did the main word. Deselect. Give it the same drop shadow as you did the large word layer.

Add your copyright info and watermark. Hide the white layer and merge visible on all the other layers. Crop off the excess around your tag. Delete the white layer to save as png or merge all to save as a jpg. Congrats you're done!

©2010 Queina. All rights reserved. Any simularities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental.


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