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Monday, November 22, 2010

This tut was written in PSP X3 but can be done in other versions too. I used the artwork of Elias Chatzoudis. You must have a license to use his work.

Template by Melissa (not me, different one), you can find on the Creative Misfits blog here.
It's 9th one down the page, right about where the Labels start and above the templates preview on the brown background.
Blues Scrapkit by Bubbles-Dream here.
Mask by Doris at Scraps Dimensions here.
Eye Candy 4000 or other Eye Candy that has Gradient Glow
Xenofex 1.1
(Xenofex 2 can be used but mine wasn't working at the time this tutorial was written)
Font of choice, I used PhyllisIniD.

Open template, tube and mask in psp, shift D to duplicate on all 3 and close the originals. Minimize your mask for now. Delete the copyright layer on your template and go to Image, Canvas Size and change it to 650 x 650 pixels with placement in the center. Remember to save as you go.

Add a new raster layer, then go to Layers, Arrange, Send to Bottom. Flood fill this layer white.

Open a paper from your kit, I used paper 11. Copy and paste as a new layer on your canvas, it's ok that it doesn't fill up the whole thing. Go to Layers, New Mask Layer, From Image. Find your mask in the drop down menu, Source Luminance ticked, invert unchecked. Click ok and merge group. Select your raster deform tool and drag the right and left side out a bit and then the top and bottom in a bit. Here's a before and after using the deform tool.

Open your sparkles element from your kit. Make sure you're still on your mask layer. Copy and paste the sparkles as a new layer on your canvas. Resize 80%, bicubic, all layers unchecked. Image, Free Rotate, to the left 90 degrees, all layers unchecked. Use your mover tool to move it up a bit so you can see more of it on the top.

Activate the raster 4 layer. Select all, Selections Float, Selections Defloat. Open a paper from your kit, I used paper 8. Copy and paste as a new layer. Selections, Invert, hit delete, deselect. Delete the raster 4 layer.

Activate the raster 2 layer. Select all, Selections Float, Selections Defloat. Add a new raster layer and flood fill with a light color from your tube or use a paper from your kit. Deselect and delete the raster 2 layer.

Repeat the last step with the same color/paper on your raster 6 layer. The layer below this layer should be raster 3. Move it above your large square layer. Do the same with the merged layer, move it above the layer with the 2 smaller squares. So your layer palette should look like this.

Ok the merged layer should still be activated. Select all, Selections Float, Selections Defloat. Open a paper from your kit, I used paper 5. Copy and paste as a new layer. Selections, Invert, hit delete and deselect. Effects, Inner Bevel and use settings below then delete the merged layer.

Repeat the last step with the frame around the large square, It should be labeled raster 3. You should now have something like this.

Activate the raster 7 layer, should be the wordart. Select your Manual Color Correction tool. Left click on one of the letters of your wordart to get that color in the source box. Now right click on a color from your tube to get that color in the target box. Or you can click in the target box and enter in a color code. I used #b3d4e2. Make sure Manual Target Color is ticked and click ok.

Go to Effects, Plugins, Eye Candy 4000, Gradient Glow. Use settings below. The color is white. And after adding the glow give it a drop shadow of 2, 2, 50, 5.

Now go to the top layer in your palette. I chose not to use the shoe so I deleted it, but you might feel differently. The layer below it is your left doodle. Merge that layer down onto the one below it so the two doodles are on the same layer. Give them the same dropshadow you used for the wordart.

Now activate your large square layer. Copy and paste your tube as a new layer and move it over the square where you want it to be. Give it a drop shadow as before. Click the square layer again and Select All, Selections Float, Selections Defloat, Selections Invert. Click on your tube layer and hit delete. Change blend mode to Luminance Legacy.

Now we're going to give the 2 border layers a drop shadow. First use 1, 1, 50, 5. Then repeat again with -1 for both the horizontal and vertical. It should now look something like this.

Repeat that set of drop shadows with the bottom rectangle layer too.

Activate the top layer in your palette. Copy and paste your tube as a new layer. Arrange her where you want her to be and give her a darker drop shadow with the vertical at -3 and the horizontal at 2.

Open the butterfly_texture element. Copy and paste as a new layer, mirror and resize by 40%. Move it over to the left size so it's sitting on the corner of the square. Give it a drop shadow, 2, 2, 50, 5.

Open the heart dangle element, copy and paste as a new layer, resize 50% and move over to the right side so it's hanging from the other corner. Give it the same drop shadow but make sure to check the box for shadow on a new layer.

Activate the top layer in your palette and add your copyright information and watermark. Activate your mask layer. Click on the crop tool and on the tool options bar click on Snap crop rectangle to layer opaque.

Drag the nodes out a little on all 4 sides then double click to crop. This will remove all the excess white from our tag. Make sure you don't crop off any parts of your tube.

Now find the butterfly layer in your palette, mine is raster 12. Zoom in about 1000% on your canvas so you can see the butterfly really well.

We're going to select part of it so we can add noise. Click on your freehand selection tool. Type is Point to Point. Mode Add. Now we're going to go around the light round areas on the wings. Click in small sections around the first circle, double clicking when you've gone all the way around and it'll expand out a bit to look like this.

Now repeat with the other 3 circles so when you're all done you'll have this.

Selections, Modify, Contract by 1. You can now zoom back out to 100% again. Rename this layer butterfly. Now duplicate 2 times for a total of 3 layers. Rename the 2nd and 3rd layers, butterfly 2 and butterfly 3, respectively. Click on the first layer. Go to Adjust, Add/Remove Noise, Add Noise. Gaussian, 45% and monochrome checked. Click on the 2nd butterfly layer. Repeat the noise at 50%. Click on the 3rd buttefly layer and repeat the noise once more at 55%. Deselect. Hide the 2nd and 3rd butterfly layers for now.

Now activate the heart dangle layer which on my palette is raster 13. We're going to select the glitter portion inside the heart the same way we did with the butterfly. Zoom in about 800% and using your freehand selection tool go around the glitter so it's selected like this. (click on the screenshot to see it full size if you can't see the selection well)

Zoom back out to 100% again. Rename this layer dangle. Duplicate twice and rename so we have 3 layers just like we did with the butterfly. Click on the 1st dangle layer. Go to Effects, Plugins, Xenofex 1.1, Constellation. Select the Confetti preset from the drop down menu. (You can use the constellation from Xenofex 2 but my plugin isn't working right now and so I don't know the settings, sorry)

Click on the 2nd dangle layer, repeat the Constellation but move the random seed bar over one way or the other. Repeat again with the 3rd dangle layer, moving the random seed bar to a different spot. Deselect. Hide the 2nd and 3rd dangle layers for now.

Activate the layer just above your mask layer. This should be the sparkle layer from your kit. Rename sparkle. Select all, Selections Float, Selections Defloat. Duplicate twice for 3 layers, rename as we did before. Now add the constellation to each layer like you did before with the heart dangle, remembering to change the random seed each time. Deselect when done.

Activate the top layer in your palette. Click on your text tool and select your font. I used PhyllisIniD. Using light and dark colors from your tube for the foreground and background, add your name to your tag. Give it the same inner bevel you used for the frames but change the shininess down to 20 and the elevation to 54. Give it a drop shadow of 2, 2, 50, 8. Make sure you uncheck the box that puts the shadow on a new layer.

Now to animate. You've got 3 layers each of the butterfly, dangle and sparkle. The 2nd and 3rd layers of all of those should be hidden. Ctrl Shift C to copy merged. Ctrl V to paste as a new animation in AS. Go back to psp. Now this is where it's important. You're going to hide the first layers of those 3 items and unhide the 2nd layers. Copy merged again and Ctrl Shift L to paste AFTER current frame. Go back to psp again. This time hide the 2nd layers of all 3 and unhide the 3rd layers. Copy merged one last time and ctrl shift L to paste after current frame again. Select all. Alt Enter to bring up the frame properties box. Change the speed to 15. Resize to 80% if desired and save your tag. Congrats you're done!

©2010 Queina. All rights reserved. Any simularities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental.


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