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Monday, November 22, 2010

This tut was written in PSP X3 but can be done in other versions with minor modifications.
I used Rion Vernon's PinUpToons. You must have a license to use his art.

Tag and Word Art Templates by Missy at Divine Intentionz. You can find them at her blog here and here.
Tube of choice. 
Latex Fetish word art, created by me - Here.
Eye Candy 4000, or any other Eye Candy that has a gradient glow filter.
Papers of choice, I apologize I don't remember what kit I got the papers from.

Open your template, both word art and tube in psp, shift D to make copies and close the originals. On your tag and main word art templates, delete the credits layer.

Ok starting with the tag template, we're going to change the colors to match our tube unless you're using a tube that fits the pink and black theme.

Let's start with the 2nd to the bottom layer, the Glitter Circle1 layer. Using your dropper tool, pick a color from your tube and open up the material properties and take note of the Hue (H) and Saturation (S) numbers. Here's mine.

Make sure the layer you're changing the color of is selected in the layer palette. Now go to Adjust, Hue and Saturation and click on Colorize. Enter in the H and S numbers in the appropriate boxes like this.

Now repeat the colorize with the same settings on the glitter circle centre layer. Now I noticed that the layer just above that one, the heart3 layer is in the wrong position. So click and drag it below the glitter circle centre layer in the layer palette.

Now activate your circle left layer. Click inside this circle with your magic wand. Now can either add a new raster layer and flood fill with a color from your tube or paste on a paper in a matching color. I chose the paper. So after I added the paper as a new layer, ctrl shift I to invert selection, and hit delete, then deselect. Then I deleted the circle left layer and renamed the layer with the paper the same name.

Repeat this process with the circle right layer. So your template should now look like this.

Now activate the heart 3 layer, click on it with your magic wand and go to Selections, Modify, Contract by 4. Now either flood fill with a lighter color from your tube or paste as a new layer a lighter colored paper. If you use the paper, then ctrl shift I to invert and click delete, then deselect. Delete the heart3 layer and rename your new layer with the same name.

Repeat this process with the heart2 layer. Now go to go to your plugins and go to Eye Candy 4000, Gradient Glow and give the heart a slight white border.

On the color tab change the color to White and make sure the opacity is set to 100. Repeat with the heart3 layer and you should now have something like this.

Now I chose to change the position of the heart1 and heart2 layers but this is purely optional.

Now we're going to go down to the rectangle2 layer. Activate it in your layer palette. Click inside the rectangle with your magic wand. And as before you can either add a new raster layer and flood fill with a color from your tube or do like I did and paste a contrasting colored paper as a new layer. As before, if you use a paper, ctrl shift I to invert, press delete and deselect. Delete the rectangle1 layer and rename your new layer with the same name.

Now activate your glitter circle1 layer again and we're going to add a slight drop shadow to some of the layers. Using the settings below add the following drop shadow to just these layers: glitter circle 1, rectangle1, glitter circle left, glitter circle right, hearts 1 2 and 3, and the glitter circle centre. To save from going up to effects each time, you can just press ctrl y and it'll repeat the effect on each layer after you activate them in your layer palette.

Activate the latex fetish layer. Give it a drop shadow but change the horizontal and vertical to 1 and the opacity to 50. Your template should now look like this.

Now activate the circle centre layer. Click inside the circle with your magic wand. Open your latex fetish wordart and paste as a new layer on your template. Move it into position so it's covering the circle completely. There will be a bit of a space on the top and the bottom. I have fixed the wordart so it fully covers from right to left, though the screenshot is a little wrong. But it covers the circle completely now.

Press ctrl shift I to invert selection and press delete then deselect. Lower the opacity on this layer to 30% and merge down onto the circle centre layer.

Now open your tube. Mine comes with a closeup and so I chose to use that first. Copy and paste as a new layer on your template. If you don't have a closeup then you can choose to resize up a bit, all layers unchecked. Move it over your circle centre layer till you have it in the position you like. Now if part of your tube goes outside the circle then duplicate your tube

Give the duplicate a gradient glow but change the glow width to 8. Hide the duplicated tube. If you're not using a duplicate then just give the original tube a glow and follow the next step to remove the excess.

Activate the circle centre layer. Press ctrl A to select all. Ctrl F to float. Ctrl shift F to defloat. Activate the first tube layer and press crtl shift I to invert and press delete. Deselect. It should now look like this.

Now temperarily hide the original tube layer if you're using a duplicate and activate and unhide the duplicate layer. Change the opacity on the duplicate tube to 50% for now and zoom in so you can see the tube's legs coming out of the circle.

Now first we're going to use our freehand selection tool to remove most of the excess. Make sure you run the selection around all of the bottom of the tube that's outside the circle. Like mine had part of her shoe showing and it's got the glow around it.

Press delete on your keyboard. Deselect. Now it'll get a bit tricky. Zoom in even farther to like 600% and using your eraser tool set to round05, size 1, delete any stray pixels that are outside the black circle. You can move the opacity of the tube back and forth to see which ones you're missing. When you're all done, change the opacity back to 100 and zoom back out to 100% again and it should all look like this. I had to zoom back in a couple times to erase some of the glow that I missed. Don't worry if you remove part of her legs because the original tube layer will show though when you unhide it. Just make sure you don't remove any of the glow that's inside the circle.

Now activate the top layer in your palette and open up your other wordart. Shift D to make a duplicate. Delete the white background layer. Activate the main word layer (perfectly) and press crtl A to select all, ctrl F to float, ctrl shift F to defloat. Flood fill each letter with a corresponding color from your tube. Deselect when done. Now press ctrl shift C to copy merged and paste as a new layer on your template.

I resized mine down about 60%, all layers unchecked and moved it to up the top right of the template. Feel free to put it somewhere else if you choose. When you have it where you like it, give it a gradient glow with the glow width set to 5. Now give it the same drop shadow you gave your other layers.

Now go to your tube again, this time I'm going to copy the full size and paste as a new layer on my template. Now I chose to resize mine down a bit but that's totally up to you. Give her a deeper drop shadow. I changed the vertical to -2, the horizontal to 2 and the opacity to 70.

Now I chose to resize the whole tag down about 70% but this is cause I don't like super large tags, again this is optional. Add your copyright info and watermark (if you have one). Add any other embellishments if you so choose, I decided not to but it's your tag, you can do it however you like.

Select your text tool with your chosen font. Using colors from your tube, add your name. Convert to raster and give it a gradient glow again at the same settings you used for the right and left hearts. Give your name the same drop shadow you did for your main tube but change the vertical to 2.

When you're completely satisfied with how it all looks then merge visable for a png, or merge flat for a jpg. Congrats, you're all done!

Tutorial ©2010 Queina. All rights reserved. Any simularities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental.


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