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Monday, November 22, 2010

This tut was written in PSP X3 but can be done in other versions with minor modifications.
I used the artwork of Michael Landefeld. You must have a license to use his art.

Template by Salsa which you can find at her blog HERE.
Tube of choice - The flags go with the Michael Landefeld tube so if you want to use them, you'll need to purchase that tube from CDO if you don't already own it. Please note that the flags can only be used with Michael Landfeld's tubes.
Font of Choice, I used Piranesi It BT which you can find HERE.
My Supplies HERE Save pattern to your patterns folder and the selection goes into your selection folder.

Open your template, tube and pattern in psp, shift D to make a duplicate of each and close the originals. On your template delete the credits and misfit team layers

Now we're going to use our Manual Color Correction tool, if you do not have this wonderful tool on your Tools bar go up to View, Customize and under Catagories click on Unused Commands. Then in the right box scroll down till you find the Manual Color Correction and click and drag it to your Tools bar.

Now on your template activate the dots layer. Click on your Manual Color Correction tool. Make sure Manual target color is ticked. Left click on one of the dots to get that color in the Source box. Then right click on a color from your tube to put that color in your Target box. Click ok and it'll change the dots to the new color.

Now I chose to delete the blue rectangle and grey circle layers, you may opt to keep them. We're going to change the color of all the items in the template except the black rectangle, the Need For Speed text and the stars. To change one, activate it in your layer palette, click on the item with your magic wand and flood fill with a color from your tube. The bottom pink bkground layer I flood filled with a silver gradient. Deselect after each item has been filled. When you're done you'll have something like this.

Now activate your stars layer. Shift A to select all, Shift F to float, Ctrl Shift F to defloat. Open up your pattern, copy and paste as a new layer on your template. Move it over on top of one of the stars, duplicate and move the 2nd one on top of the other star. I arranged the pattern a little till the area from the pattern that I liked was inside the stars. When satisfied merge the copied pattern down onto the original. Ctrl Shift I to invert selection, hit delete on the keyboard and deselect and it should now look like this.

Now activate the top layer in your palette. Add a new raster layer. Go to Selections, Load/Save Selection, Load Selection from Disk. Find your flames selection and click ok.

Yes the selection will be off center on your template, it's ok, we'll fix it in a bit. Click your flood fill tool and using either a color from your tube or a gradient, fill in the selection. Deselect and move the flames over the large circle so they look even and move the flame layer below the circle layer so it looks like this.

Now if you have the flags from the tube you can paste them onto the template and arrange them behind the flame. If you don't then I'm sorry, skip this step.

Add a slight drop shadow to all layers. I used the following settings.

The circle on the right I changed the horizontal and vertical to -1.

Activate the top layer in your layer palette which should be the sm circle. Now go to your tube, copy and paste as a new layer on your template. Move her over in front of the small circle in the middle of the template. I resized mine up a bit so she filled up more area (all layers unchecked) and went to Adjust, Sharpness and clicked on Sharpen just once. Now activate your sm circle layer again. Select your magic wand, click on the circle. Ctrl Shift I to invert selection. Click on the layer with the tube and hit delete on your keyboard. Deselect. Change the blend mode on the tube to Luminance Legacy.

Paste your tube as a new layer again and give her a deeper drop shadow. I changed the vertical to -2, horizontal to 2 and left the rest the same.

Add your name and dropshadow. Add your copyright info and watermark if you have one.

Resize if desired, I resized mine down 80%, all layers checked.

Merge visible and save as a png or merge all flatten and save as a jpg. Congrats, you're all done!

©2010 Queina. All rights reserved. Any simularities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental.


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