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Monday, March 28, 2011
One of the challenges this week is you had to use one of the Xenofex 2 filters. Not a problem, I've had Xenofex 2 for years. Oh but there was a small problem. A few months ago it suddenly out of the blue decided it wasn't going to work in X3 anymore. PITA!!!! Thankfully I still have my PSP 8 disk, so I installed that on here and Xenofex 2 works in there. It means I can still use those filters but it also means I have to save the tag in X3, open it in 8, apply the filter(s), save then open it back up in X3 and continue on with my business. It's kind of a pain but at least I can still use this plugin. This tag was based on a tut by Vix. I love her tuts, they're always awesome. You can find it here.
I found out about this on Creative Addictions.

Shared with permission from Jolene R. Burke (PTE)
TAGGERS: I've posted the link to all my kits. 73 of them! I suggest downloading the Kit Preview folder first. That way you can see the previews in case there's something you don't want. Enjoy! :)

NO CREDITS REQUIRED (of course), please do with them what you will. Regardless of my TOU inside (because I didn't have time to take them out), you may recolor, mess around and change them, that's fine with me. Have fun with them. They are all tagger size and in .PSD format, and previews are included in the files to make it easier.

I have downloaded all of them, if you have some problems, it's probably 4shared being finicky, just try again later.
I actually started this tag a couple months ago but then Xenofex 2, Constellation decided to be a bitch and refuse to work and I couldn't continue. I use PSP X3 currently, but remembered I do have disks for 2 previous versions of PSP. So I installed 8 on here, praying the filter would work and it does. But then I couldn't remember where the tut was at. LMAO Well I found it today and was finally able to finish it. It's one of Vix's fantastic tuts. You can find it here