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Monday, November 22, 2010

This tut was originally done in PSP 8 but has been rewritten in psp X3, it can be done in other versions too.

Sparkle Patterns HERE
Fat font of your choice. Examples of fat fonts are AntsyPants, Balloon, BellBottom. A skinny font will not show the sparkle pattern very well.
Animation Shop

1. Open your sparkle animation in AS. Select all, copy and paste as a new image in psp. There are 3 frames in the animation and so 3 layers showing in psp. From the bottom up, rename the 2nd and 3rd layers as you see below.

2. Open a new 500 x 300 transparent workspace in PSP.

3. Click on your text tool and select the font you're going to use.

4. Click on the foreground box and select a color to compliment the sparkle you chose. Background will be null. To do that if you don't know how, click on the little icon that's a circle with a line going through it.

5. Click on your workspace to bring up the text entry box. Type in your name. Create as Vector, make it a nice large size, for my name the size I used is 125, yours might be larger or smaller, depending on the font you picked and the length of your name. To change the text size, highlight your name in text entry box and change the number on the text options bar. Click apply. Do NOT convert to raster yet.

6. Go to Objects, Align, Center in Canvas. You're going to have something like this. (click on the screenshot to view full size)

7. Convert to raster. Rename this layer border.

8. Select your magic wand. Mode Add, Tolerance and Feather 0, click inside each letter of your name. Do not deselect until I tell you to. Selections, Modify, Expand by 1.

9. Activate your sparkle pattern. Make sure frame 1 is selected. Hide the 2nd and 3rd frame layers.

10. Now activate your canvas with your name again, select your flood fill tool and click on the foreground box on your Materials palette. Click the pattern tab and then click the square box and find the sparkle pattern. Should be first one in the list. Angle 0, Scale 100.

11. Add a new raster layer and click inside each letter filling it with the sparkle pattern.  Remember to keep selected. It'll now look like this. When you're done hide this layer for now so it again looks like it does in step 6.

12. Now activate your sparkle pattern again. Hide frame 1 and unhide frame 2 and activate it.

13. Activate your canvas again, add a new raster layer and click on the foreground box of your material palette and the little drop down box. Now you'll notice 2 patterns side by side. The first one is the 1st frame of your pattern, the 2nd one is the 2nd frame, click on that one.

14. Again flood fill inside each of the letters with this new pattern. Hide this layer when done.

15. Repeat steps 9 through 14 with the 3rd sparkle frame pattern. When you're done your layer palette should look like this.

16. You may now deselect. Hide raster 3 with you flood filled pattern and unhide raster 1. Activate the border layer and go to Layers, Arrange, Bring to Top.

17. Activate the raster 1 layer again. Give it a drop shadow of 0, 0, 70, 10 and make sure you check the box to put the shadow on a new layer, this is VERY important.

18. Activate the top layer again, which should be your border layer. Add a new raster layer and add your watermark if you use one. Click on your crop tool and drag it out over your name, making sure you don't get too close so you don't crop off part of your name or the drop shadow/watermark.

Now it's time to animate

19. Edit, Copy Merged or Ctrl Shift C and go to AS and paste as a new animation.

20. Go back to psp, hide raster 1 and unhide raster 2. Copy merged again and go to AS and this time paste AFTER current frame. Ctrl Shift L will do this for you.

21. Again, back to psp. Hide raster 2 and unhide raster 3, copy merged and paste after current frame in AS.

22. You'll now have 3 frames with your name in animation shop. And you should notice that the sparkle pattern in each one is different and each one matches the 3 frames of the original sparkle pattern you picked.

23. Select all and press Alt Enter to bring up the Frame Properties box. I thought the animation went a little fast so I changed the speed to 15. You can leave it at 10, which is default or change it to a different number to suit your taste.

24. Last step is to give it a white background. Shift Alt Enter will bring up the Animation Properties box. Click the bubble for Canvas color, click inside the colored square and change the color to white. Click ok. Your animation now has a white background. Save your tag and congrats, you're done!

©Queina 2006. All rights reserved. Any simularities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental.


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