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I have a promise to you. Whenever I link to somebody else's blog, I always link to the direct post unless it's something that doesn't have a post. I make sure that all links open in a new tab/window. I strive to write my tuts easy to read and follow. I always include a screenshot when I feel the tut calls for it. However, I admit that I am not perfect, if I miss something, please let me know so I can fix it. Thank you.




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I'm easily reached by email. Feel free to contact me for questions regarding my tutorials and general assistance. If you have a question about my terms of use, please see the link below the header before you email me. I do my best to abide by copyright laws but if you see something that belongs to you then please drop me a note about it. I'll either copyright it to you or remove it.

If you want to email me to complain about something just because you feel a need to bitch and make an ass out of yourself then save us both the time and energy and don't bother. I will not respond to such emails and they'll be dropped promptly in the trash.

Do NOT email me asking me to share paid tubes with you. I don't care which PTU site they came from, nor who you are. I never have nor will I ever share tubes which I personally have bought a license to use. Nor will I ever condone the sharing of paid tubes. If you want to use paid tubes then you need to do the responsable thing and buy them yourselves. If you manage to acquire them illegally from a yahoo group or such, I don't want to know about it. It's your own butt on the line if you use them and risk getting caught.

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