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Monday, January 5, 2015
This tutorial was written by me on 01/05/2015 and assumes you have working knowledge of PSP. Any similarities to other tuts is purely coincidental and not done on purpose.
 For this tut you will need:
PSP - I use version X3 but most versions will do
Tube of choice - I'm using the artwork of Karen Middleton
You can purchase this tube at CDO. Do not use this tube without purchasing a license first.
Scrap kit Because I Do by WD Designz
Valentine Mask 15 by Vix
Font of choice, I used Van den Velde Script
Let's begin, remember to save often.

Open a new 700 x 700 canvas in psp, flood fill white. Open a frame of choice, I used element 58. Copy and paste as a new layer. If your chosen frame sits more horizontal then vertical, rotate it 90 degrees. Resize as desired. I resized mine down 85%.

Open a paper of choice, I used paper 1. Resize it down so it's slightly larger then your frame, I resized mine 70%. Now press ctrl x to cut this layer out to the clipboard. Activate your frame layer. Select all, float, defloat. With your cut paper still on the clipboard, activate the blank layer above the frame and paste into selection. Deselect.

Change the blend mode of the paper layer to hard light. Merge down 1 time.
Copy another paper of choice, I used 8. Paste a new layer. Arrange this layer under your frame and resize so it's again slightly larger then the interior of your frame. I resized mine 50%.

Activate your frame layer again. Click inside with your magic wand, expand selection by 6. Add a new raster layer and flood fill with white. Invert selection, activate the paper layer and press delete. Deselect. Move the white layer under the frame but on top of the paper. Change the blend mode to Soft Light.

Activate the frame layer again, copy your tube and paste as a new layer. Resize if needed. Arrange on your frame where you like it. My tube has the top of her head cut off so she'll have that part under the top of the frame, but that's for later.

Give your tube a drop shadow. I used -3, 3, 60, 10. Then repeat the drop shadow at 1, -2, 50, 5. Give your frame a drop shadow of 0, 0, 70, 10.

Now it's time to start adding our elements. Don't forget to drop shadow each of them after you add them, unless they already have a shadow. I used the same shadow as I did for the frame for my elements.

Element 36, 50%. Rotate 75 to the right. Arrange on the top right side behind frame, duplicate and mirror.
Element 5, 60%. On the top right behind the green leaves, duplicate and mirror.
Element 55, 60%. On the left behind frame, duplicate, mirror.
Element 6, 90%. Arrange on top behind frame. Duplicate, flip and mirror.
Element 9, 25%. Arrange on bottom right corner of frame.
Element 53, 40%. Rotate 20 to the right and sharpen 1 time. Arrange on bottom left of frame.
Element 51, 30% and sharpen 1 time. Arrange on the left behind the white flower cluster.
Element 15, 60%. Rotate 25 to the right and sharpen 1 time. Arrange on top right of frame.
Element 44, 40%. Arrange under the bow.
Element 54. Arrange at the top left of the tag, under the frame but on top of the white layer.
Wordart 2, 50%, Arrange at the bottom of your tag, but make sure it's the top layer in your palette. Give this one a drop shadow of 0, 2, 80, 5.

Activate the bottom white layer in your palette. Copy a paper of choice and paste as a new layer. I used paper 4.

Add your mask from image, merge group. Duplicate mask layer and merge down 1 time. With your mask layer still active, crop layer opaque. The mask should be the largest layer on your tag.

Now is the time to resize your tag if you desire. I resized mine 75%.

Click on your selection tool. We're going to fix our tube. Zoom in about 300%, enough you can clearly see what you're working on. Draw your selection tool around the part of the tube that you want under the frame:

Promote selection to layer. Activate the original tube layer and press delete, deselect. Move the promoted layer under the frame layer.

Now I chose to do the same thing with the part of the bow that sits over the tube:

Be sure to move the promoted part of the bow below the promoted part of the tube. There's a tiny bit sticking out of the top of the frame, you can leave that or remove it with the selection tool as I did.

Activate the top layer in your palette, add your copyright, license info and tagger's mark.

Add your name using colors from your tube or kit. Give it an inner bevel of choice, I used this one:

Then apply a standard white gradient glow. Finally drop shadow your name, -2, 2, 50, 5.

Delete the white background layer, merge visible and save as a png. Or merge all and save as a jpg. Congrats, you're done.


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