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Monday, November 22, 2010

This tut was originally written in psp 8, but parts of it have been rewritten in psp X3. It can be done in other versions too with minor modifications. The images I used are all courtesy of MorgueFile.

Corkboard Tube HERE
5 images that you want to use. They can be all different or follow the same theme. But keep in mind, that 3 of the rectangles on the corkboard sit vertically and 2 sit horizontally.
Font of your choice

1. Open your corkboard tube in psp and press Shift D to make a duplicate of it. Close the original.

2. Add a new raster layer and move it below the corkboard layer. Rename the corkboard layer to corkboard. Activate your raster 1 layer.

3. Open your other images in psp. Duplicate all and close the originals.

4. Minimize everything but your corkboard and the 1st image.

5. Now click on the window bar of the image and move the window so it's in front of the window that has the corkboard. Depending on the size of the image, you may or may not see the corkboard.

6. Using your zoom tool (see below illustration), zoom OUT so that the image gets smaller and smaller until it's the size where it looks like it will fit on one of the rectangles.

7. Now on your overview/screen it'll show the percentage number that the image has been zoomed out to. The first image below shows what it looks like in psp 8. The next is what newer versions look like.

8. Make a note of that number, you're going to need to remember it. Now zoom back IN on your image so that it's full size again.

9. Press Shift S to bring up the resize window. In the pixel dimensions area put in that number you needed to remember. Make sure it says percent. Resample bicubic. Click ok. Your image has now been resized to the size it was when you zoomed out on it.

10. Copy the image and paste it onto the corkboard as a new layer. Use the mover tool to move it to where you want it. You can resize it up and down a teeny bit if it's slightly too large or small. Rename this layer whatever the image is, in my case it's a palm tree. This layer should be under the corkboard layer. 

You want the image layers under the corkboard layer so that the pushpin looks like it's on top of the image and not below it.

11. Close the 1st image and unminimize your second image. Repeat steps 5 through 10. Do this with all of your images till you have them all pasted and into position.

12. Add your copyright information, name and watermark. 

13. Layers, merge, merge all flatten. Save your tag and you're all done! Congrats!

©2006 Queina. All rights reserved. Any simularities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental.


  1. Photobucket ate your pics do you have a fresh copy of this tut????

  2. Yes, I need to fix that, don't I.